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Defense Distribution Depot Korea; a look at the mission, its successes and the workforce behind the scenes

The Defense Distribution Depot Korea, located at Camp Carroll in Waegwan Korea, was established in 2005. Celebrating its 5th year this January, DDDK has set a high standard in distribution support and is unique among the Defense Distribution Center's depots.

DDDK employees are categorized as mission essential to support their critical mission. Comprised of primarily Korean Nationals (approximately 86% of the total manpower) and over ten DoD civilians and several information technology contractors, the workforce is led by United States Army Lt. Col. Robert Maurio,

"United States and Republic of Korea forces in Korea, under the current armistice, work and train under a 'fight tonight' tenet -- which means that these forces must be prepared on short notice to execute their wartime missions," said Maurio. "DDDK and its workforce are postured to answer the call."

To do that, DDDK routinely conducts telephonic alerts, Nuclear - Biological - Chemical training, and other training in order to be better prepared in a "fight tonight" environment. In addition, DDDK participates in the two major exercises conducted in Korea annually.

Operating six days a week and on almost all U.S. and Korean holidays, DDDK is the only joint supply and distribution operation on the Korean peninsula and serves as a hub for the Korea Theater of Operations, or KTO.

In July 2007, DDDK established a Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point, or TCSP, which rapidly consolidates/segregates shipments arriving from multiple sources and prepares for onward movement.

One of the key TCSP missions is to provide the signature service support for the United States Air Force. On a daily basis, the TCSP receives materiel from the Aerial Port of Debarkation and Seaport of Debarkation and distributes to the Army and Air Force units and other key customers throughout the KTO. "The TCSP has been instrumental in streamlining distribution and establishing asset visibility on freight moving throughout the KTO," said Maurio.

The TCSP has supported a number of additional missions to include emergency Class VIII (major end items) distribution and a large volume annual Girl Scout Cookie distribution.

DDDK stood up and operated a TCSP from an alternate location as part of "fight tonight" preparedness. "This is part of our continuity of operations plan," said Maurio and prepares us for providing mission support to wherever our customers need us to be."

"The DDDK employees have established some impressive marks; shipping over 12,000 MRO's per month, maintaining a denial rate consistently at zero, maintaining inventory accuracy well above 99.5%, processing over 2500 receipts per month as well as over 2500 Army retrograde receipts per month, and managing 300 trucks per month in and out of the TCSP," said Maurio. "The supply and distribution support performed by the DDDK workforce is unmatched in the KTO."

DDDK has a critical mission in the KTO and through its customer engagement efforts hosts a large number of visits including senior officers from the US and ROK militaries and numerous military units and agencies. The ROK Army, Navy, and representatives from the ROK Transportation Command, have taken lessons learned from the processes and automation assets in place at DDDK to use as they work to streamline distribution support systems.

Active as a supporting partner with the military units in the KTO, DDDK has hosted several officer professional development events to educate local military personnel on wholesale supply and distribution.

In addition to supporting its critical mission, DDDK plays another important role and that is volunteering in the local Good Neighbor Program. The Korean Nationals and U.S. employees at DDDK are involved in a number of volunteer efforts in the local community.

"Employees from DDDK volunteer time on a weekly basis to teach English and assist at shelters and orphanages in the local area," said Maurio.

In addition, DDDK employees host children on weekends and take them to activities such as parties at the swimming pools and bowling at the local bowling alleys.

DDDK has also established a partnership with the Planning and Audit Division of the local Chilgok County. Depot employees teach English there and in turn have participated in a number of cultural events.

DDDK employees not only volunteer their time, they give back to their local community by donating sporting equipment, food, toys, and other supplies to the needy on a regular basis.

"Whether it is supporting the Warfighter or the local community, DDDK has an outstanding workforce and has established a standard of excellence on the Korean peninsula," said Mauro.

Defense Distribution Depot Korea
Defense Distribution Depot Korea

United States Army Gen. Ann Dunwoody, United States Army Materiel Command commanding general, visits DDDK.
United States Army Gen. Ann Dunwoody, United States Army Materiel Command commanding general, visits DDDK.

DDDK employees volunteer to teach English at the Chilgok County Planning and Audit Division.
DDDK employees volunteer to teach English at the Chilgok County Planning and Audit Division.


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